Habitats around the park

The park is noted for its lakes, reedbeds, grassland, and woodland. These differing habitats support a wide range of wildlife.


There are over 156 species of bird including breeding tawny owls, and fieldfares in the winter. An island was created as a special habitat for nesting common terns. Reed beds around lakes are home to birds such as willow, reed and sedge warblers, reed bunting, water rail, swans and bittern.

There are over 390 species of plants. Notable plants are bee orchid, birdsfoot trefoil, wild carrot and black poplar and the park is home to foxes, bats, bank voles and wood mice. The park also has many species of insect that play an important role in providing food for birds and pollinating plants.


Building and maintaining artifical habitats forms an important part of the work the BLCV group does. Take a look at some of the habitats we have created and read more about them below.

Bee bank

Tern Island

Stag beetle log piles



Private Nature Reserve

Reed beds

Sand Martin bank

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